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2005 Carl Schmitt Wagner Riesling Spatlese Longuicher Maximiner Herrenberg

schmitt_wagnerHot summer night. Thought about how refreshing this was going to be, all the way home. Pale straw color. On the nose, youthful, minerally, peach, lime, tangerine, gasoline, honey, some floral elements, with earth, and no oak. On the palate, off-dry, medium+ intensity, peach and tangerine nectar, laced with slate and mineral, medium at best on acidity, there seems to be a thread connecting the fatter more luscious 05’s, lower acidity. Solid bordering on monstrous finish, lots of pretty fruit, very layered, under-appreciated genre that’s also starting to gain momentum.    

2005 Carl Schmitt-Wagner Longuicher Maximiner Herrenberg Riesling Spatlese

schmitt_wagnerI couldn’t wait to get home to this gem I got on close out a few days ago. They thought 05 was the greatest vintage in a generation, and the 07 came along and had a bit more acidity to frame the fruit. Quite simply, this is insane quality at bargain basement prices, that normally people charge out the ass for. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, lots of mineral and slate, with a huge pile of peaches, some petrol, lime, white flower, orange zest, earthy for sure, and no oak to speak of. On the palate, off-dry, medium+ intensity, loaded with stone fruit, minerality, low alcohol, medium acidity that’s extremely refreshing, and a nice finish. Warm summer nights don’t stand a chance against this wine.