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Bodegas Norton

There is something romantic about the dark and gloomy, dust covered bottles in ancient places, it tickles the soul to know these places still exist, and are still being used to house an aging investment. This photo is of a section of such a cellar, dating back to when the winery was formed back in 1870’s. A seemingly un-ending stockpile of bottles waiting for approval. They have a pretty expansive network of little sections like this one. I can’t say enough about the beauty of the estate at Bodegas Norton, and their hospitality is un-paralleled.    

Bodegas Norton

Visiting Bodegas Norton in Mendoza was a serious treat. An historic winery with modern equipment and one of the most impressive mazes of a cellar I have yet to see with my own eyes. Before my visit, I had no idea of just how serious hail is in Mendoza. Localized hailstorms can destroy entire vineyards in minutes dropping stone sized chunks of ice onto the vines. This photo is a look at one example of what expensive lengths a winery will go to to protect their fruit. These hail nets cover about 50% of the vineyard right outside the winery.    

Mimosas en la manana

They had not heard of a Mimosa at Las Canas, the restaurant around the corner from our hotel in a residential part of Mendoza. So we had to improvise, crafty drinkers that we are. Oh how I love vacation.    

All the Mate One can Handle

They even have mate to improve your sex drive!