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1996 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

I had at this a few hours after being decanted. Ruby i color. On the nose, developed, medium intensity, cherry, meat stick, leather, cigar, some oak, and some earth too. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, cherry, cassis, layered mineral and cigar, with medium body, medium tannins, medium acidity, with good balance, and a solid finish.

1996 Chateau Lafleur Pomerol

Ruby color. On the nose, the Cabernet Franc really shows through, this wine is developed, medium intensity, earthy, vegetal tree bark, leather, spice, oozing mineral and basement, with moderate oak and lots of earth. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium tannin, medium acidity, serious depth and complexity, cherry, black currant, loaded with spice, and a beautiful balanced finish.

1996 Leonetti Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Walla Walla

Last glass of this wine that a table brought in a few nights back. Murky garnet color. On the nose, developed, medium intensity, layered, some cherry, plum, and currant, but taken over by leather, tobacco, bell pepper, dusty earth, loaded with spices, with some earth, and some oak. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium body, medium tannins, good balance, with a good silky finish dominated by stemmy and peppery component.    

1996 Col Solare Columbia Valley

colsolare Ryan and Ana brought this in last night, as part of the cellar left behind by Ana’s uncle. Orange brown brickish color. On the nose, developed, medium intensity, stewed plums, black currants, sweet tobacco, leather, not earthy, and obvious oak baking spices. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium tannin, medium acidity, good flavors reminiscent of Bordeaux without the depth of terrior. I was not overly impressed with this wine and wondered if it’s half the wine it once was, but also would have gladly drank the entire bottle. If you have some of this I would open one and assess for yourself, but my call is drink now.    

1996 Chateau Haut Brion Graves

A guest brought this in the other and left enough for a few of us to try. It blew all of our minds. On the nose, bouquet, medium+ intensity, extremely complex, lots of wet cigar, pencil shavings, basement, perfume, not fruity, but some cassis hiding in the back, some oak, and plenty of earth. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, medium tannin, medium acidity, really long chalky perfumey earthy finish. Couldn’t help but love this wine.    

1996 Chateau Clerc-Milon Pauillac

This was the only bright spot in a challenging night at work last night. This 5th growth consistently outperforms it’s rank. On the nose, classic Bordeaux, med intensity, spice, earth, currants, cherries, cigar box, some oak, but judicious. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, big structure, medium+ tannin, and great length on the finish. This wine lacked some intensity on the nose but made up for it on the palate.    

1996 Dominus Napa Valley

Yeah yeah yeah, I could probably go on and on about pedigree of family and wine-maker, not even touching on the history behind this property formerly known as Inglenook. But the truth is that the team that brought Chateau Petrus to the prominence it sits at today, also bought one of the most historic vineyards in Napa, and has been consistently churning out mind and palate altering wines for two decades. On the nose, bouquet, medium+ intensity, I got dirt, a grainy character, vanilla, spice, Cocoa Puffs cereal, and way in the back some dark cherries. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, similar flavor profile, medium tannins, medium acidity, great structure, and a long ass finish. Extremely collectible wine that was a value compared to other Napa treats, but has been escalating the price a lot winthin the past few years.    

1996 Dalle Valle Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

I think I may have forgotten how much I appreciate how much I appreciate tasting this kind of wine. It’s easy to get lost in a massive sea of important wine when you have a solid month of mundane and un-interesting over-priced juice. However much I have been bashing wine in general, this is one of those standout producers that no one knows about except savvy wine collectors. On the nose, bouquet all the way, plums, figs, currants, pencil shavings, cigar box, loads of perfume, spice, no earth, and no oak. On the palate, dry, med+ intensity, super long finish, mainly how long the flavor of spice stuck around. This wine represented everything that I am trying to figure out about the wine trade, so much capital is required to get into great wines from great vintages. Why should I ever buy great vineyards in marginal years?