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1989 Clos de Bois Pinot Noir Napa Valley

closdebois_pinot I was baffled by this wine blind last week. Only thing I could tell was it had lots of bottle age on it. Very brown with orange rim, and again extreme rim variation. On the nose, very developed, medium intensity, date, fig, leather, meat stick, spice for days, chalky earthy component, with moderate oak. On the palate, dry, medium- tannin, medium acidity, medium body, balanced but well past it’s prime, and not showing much Pinot Noir traits. I called it Sangiovese from the early 90’s and felt reasonably happy with that.    

1989 Chateau Clerc Milan Pauillac

This was a treat from Saturday night down at Daniel’s Leschi. A pretty nice four top brought this in and poured me a nice sample. Browning in color with serious rim variation. On the nose, aged bouquet, medium intensity, plum, fig, cigar box, clove, cardamom, pencil shavings, lots of basement and earth tones, with some…Continue Reading

1989 Cos d Estournel St Estephe

Browning edges and a nice ruby color. Bouquet all the way, fruit, red currant and cherry, were present but away in the background. Tomato leaf, bitter chocolate, stemmy, pencil shavings, smoke, and spice. On the palate, this wine floored me. It was very silky and great acidity and balance. The tannins are softening, perhaps no…Continue Reading

1989 Dominus

A couple brought this into my work and were nice enough to share a glass with me. This wine crushed. Everything was integrated, subtle plums and raspberry, eucalyptus, cedar, cigar box bittersweet chocolate, chalkiness, smoothed out tannins, and well integrate oak. Wish I had a lot of this in my cellar.    Continue Reading