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1983 Chateau Margaux

When the wine gods love me, they really love me. Yesterday I got showered with some interesting wines, this was the top dog of the evening. On the nose, bouquet all the way, medium intensity, seamlessly inter-woven, currants, cherries, cigarbox, leather, cardamom, loads of basement ie earth, not all that oaky either. Very thought provoking. On the palate, dry, softened tannins, beautifully balanced wine with a moderate finish. I believe this wine is starting to decline, if you have multiple bottles, please consume one, and evaluate your holdings.    

1983 Lajota Vineyards Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

Troy, a co-worker brought me a taste of this, and we both spilled a sip or two by accident and laughed, guess we just weren’t meant to have a half glass.
Really browning edges and ruby in color. You can really see the age on this. On the nose, great bouquet, perfumey vegetal thing, like stems and tomato leaves, cassis and currants, dust and cigarbox. Extremely intoxicating bouquet.
On the palate, felt like a pinot noir, silky almost non-present tannins, medium acidity. The wine was nice but a little past it’s prime. I would have drinken this four years ago when there was some tannic structure involved. Do not hold any longer.    

1983 Les Fortes de Latour Pauillac

I had the 82 Les Fortes a couple of weeks ago, and those were really big shoes to fill. I think I mentioned the wineries proclomation that this is not a second wine, merely the wine they make using younger vines, and mature vines go into Chateau Latour.
This wine had an intoxicating bouquet, classic bordeaux basement, clove and cardamom, cigarbox, some really subtle fruit I’d call cherries and raspberries. On the palate, it fell apart, don’t get me wrong, soft and elegant, silky mouthfeel. But a fraction of the structure the 82 had, and a small peek into why great vintages in Bordeaux are great. 83 lacked structure and should have been drinken a long time ago, while the 82 is still running a marathon. Still a great wine, the 83 has lost a couple of steps and is only getting slower and more tired. If you have it drink it, it’s taking up space in your cellar.