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1982 Chateau Lynch Bages Pauillac

Brown to ruby color. On the nose, developed, medium+ intensity, clove, cardamom, leather, saddle, basement, tobacco, stewed black currants, pencil shavings, with some oak, and loaded with earth. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, leathery, sandlewood, bark, mineral, balanced wine, with medium tannins, and medium acidity, and a solid finish. New world fans won’t particularly care for this aged Bordeaux, but should try anyway if it’s open.

1982 Borgogno Barolo

Quite impressive wine. Ruby with orange edges. On the nose, developed, medium+ intensity, plum, cherry, chalky soil, clove, anise, flowers, tar, some oak, and some earth as well. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium tannin, medium acidity, still showing off it fruit and tannins, with beautiful balance, and a stellar finish. I heard this producer made wines with serious longevity, but come on this wine is almost 30 and still vibrant and youthful.    

1982 Chateau Cheval Blanc St Emilion

Two young couples brought this and an 96 Lafite in the other night. I haven’t tried too many vintages of this legendary, albeit, very expensive Right Bank Chateau. On the nose, bouquet, medium intensity, baked plums, figs, spice, basement, cocoa powder, not oaky, and very nicely integrated bouquet. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, very silky, almost no tannin left, but it has a beautiful mouthfeel, perfectly integrated flavors, and a balanced finish that went on for minutes.    

1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild

The guy that brought this wine in is an interesting gent, he buys entire cellars, trophy asian cougar wife, and a load of kids he refuses to leave his massive cellar of wine. My first huff I called “likened to my grandmothers basement” he called “New York City cab seat” which I thought nailed it also. The wine forty minutes later really shifted and intergrated. On the nose, med+ intensity, bouquet all the way, showing secondary flavors, earth, cherry, currants, cigarbox, very leathery, cocoa, tobacco, extraordinary depth, loads of earth, and integrated oak. On the palate, dry, medium plus intensity, medium tannins, medium acidity, extremely deep in layers of complexity, great structure, and one of the longest finishes I have experienced to date. Will someone please will me a cellar full of these wines I can never afford but  always seem to find their way to my palate. What a tease.    

1982 Cos d’Estournel Saint Estephe

Legendary vintage, and you have to be ridiculously wealthy and wine savvy to have this wine in your cellar. I am happy that the not that cool of a guy brought this in tonight. I might not have tasted it otherwise. But, his guests were snobby and kept talking about his 60g watch. This is obviously another level that even wine dorks can reach. We know how good this wine and vintage is supposed to be but can’t afford a sample.
I did get what was left of the bottle that I decanted. The color was a faded brown with so much floating particles that it separated it the glass. Med- intensity, I could read the sunday paper through this wine, but it’s 25 years old, and wine making has changed so much since this historic vintage. On the nose, med+ intensity, loads of dirt and smoke, clove and cardamom, stewed plums, leather, and that classic enticing basement, and leather. Like you had an aging dominatrix that understood everything you liked about wine and teased you every step of the way toward satisfaction. Classic wine from a classic vintage, no structure left, medium finish, excellent but not extraordinary. Hard to say if the finish was worth $1300. If you have it drink it, don’t wait another decade.    

1982 Les Fortes de Latour

I was told by the guest that brought this in last night that this is not a second label, it’s a first label using their younger vines. The nose was full of tomato leaf, cardamom, clove, and dirt, that classic Bordeaux basement thing. Once on the palate this wine really grabbed me and headed for the finish line. Great structure and balance, the tannins are still present but softened, and a really long finish. Thanks the table gods that sent this table my way.