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2008 Domaine de Laballe Cotes de Gascogne

Platinum in color with some bronzing. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, minerals, lime, grapefruit, grass, perfume, slight earth, and subtle oak if any. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium acidity, limes, nectarines, flowers, nice minerally and crisp finish. This would be nice with an oily white fish.

2007 Delille Cellars Chaleur Blanc

delille_chal_blancThis Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon blend is arguably the best white wine coming out of Washington. Golden straw color. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, apple, banana, wax, grass, lemon cream pie, some lees, some oak, no earth. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium body, medium+ acidity, nicely woven flavors, very harmonious, apple, pineapple, melon, lemon cream pie flavors dominate a crisp clean finish.    

2006 Martinborough Vineyards Te Tera Sauvignon Blanc

tetera_sauvignonbOn the nose, youthful but developed, medium+ intensity, grapefruit, lime, gooseberry, grass, mineral, fennel, dill, no eak, and traces of earth. The nose alone is worth the money. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, high acidity, nicely balanced, with a strong finish. Loads of citrus, grass, and herbs. This is a wine is evolving nicely, and I might try with some aspargus, the hardest food to pair wine with.    

2007 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

cakebread_sauvignon_blancBlind tasted last week. On the nose, youthful, medium+ intensity, yellow apple, pear, cantaloupe, melon, lime zest, flowers, grass, honey, slight funk, and some oak too. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, tropical fruit, but loaded with oak flavors, hazelnuts, coconut, vanilla, some floral grassy element, slight minerality, medium acidity, medium alcohol, with a moderate finish. I was way off on this one, called it a Marsanne and Roussanne blend from France. Thought I detected minerality, basically not my kind of wine, and never find myself buying this genre, so I had no idea what it was. Someone show me a good California Sauv Blanc, please?    

2007 Cedergreen Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Columbia Valley

I like the price, not everyone is modest enough to realize that New Zealand is killing it at a pretty low price, and the only way to compete is to raise quality at lower prices. 5% Semillion is blended in. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, loads of melon, citrus fruit, grass, dill, not earthy, and not oaky either. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, medium+ acidity, creamy tart apple, lemon rind, grassy component, no oak, and not earthy in any way. A bundle of tropical fruit, and great acidity, this wine made me want to dominate some triple cream cheese from France.    

2006 Tarras Vineyards Sauvgnon Blanc

The winemaker dropped this by the resaurant, no importer, no distributor, no way of getting it even if I like it. Med+ to high intensity of aroma and reaking of New Zealand Sav Blanc but missing the mouth watering acidity. Grapefruit and gooseberry, lime zest, starfruit, really grassy dill,
a touch of cat pee, little bit of minerality, but its mainly the fruit and grass. Pretty elegant for a New Zealand Sav Blanc.    

2006 Martinborough Vineyards Te Tera Sauvignon Blanc

The nose on this wine has the trademark New Zealand intensity, like the Las Vegas of intensity. Starfruit, grapefruit, lime zest, dill, cut grass, canned asparagus on the nose. Mouth watering acidity, really nice wine for the pricetag. Although some of the characteristics sound weird the is a very enjoyable wine, especially with a dungeness crab hearts of palm salad.