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2008 Erste & Neue Weissburgunder Alto Adige

erste_weiss-classicPlatinum color. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, creamy, melon, lilac, honeysuckle, with some crushed stones, no oak, and slight earth. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, medium acidity, kind of creamy mouth-feel, with canteloupe and honeydew, nice balance and moderate finish. Pleasant little white I would break out with lobster and other rich oily seafood.    

2007 Michel-Schlumberger Pinot Blanc

I just got this the other day, and am debating canceling my membership to this wineclub, basically because the only wines that I want from this winery are some aged Cabernet Sauv, that I could pick up at the winery every other summer, or order direct.
Pale straw to platinum in color. On the nose, not showing that brightly, youthful, medium- intensity, lime, pear, peach, no earth, no oak, and an oily floral element. On the palate, dry, lime, slight petrol, peach, flowers, orangeblossom, not oaky and not earthy either. I could see this wine with some Bacalau or some other seafood. But I cannot see paying whatever they are charging for something that doesn’t grab onto me .