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2008 Terra Noble Gran Reserva Carmenere

Ruby with some purple. On the nose, youthful, with medium intensity, cherry, tobacco, bell pepper, coffee, with a bit of wet earth, and layered oak. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, dry, nicely balanced, bright dark berry fruit, inky bell pepper, with layered chocolate, and loaded with roasted espresso bean, with a solid finish. At a previous tasting I thought that this wine nailed the coffee component harder than anything I’d ever had before, at this tasting I liked how balanced with fruit it was.

2006 Montes Purple Angel Carmenere Colchagua Valley

Montes_PurpleAngel_1Black purple color. On the nose, youthful, medium+ maybe even high intensity, black currant, black cherry, cedar, spice, loaded with bell pepper, dark chocolate, tobacco leaf, some oak, and some earth. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, medium tannin, medium+ body, nice acidity, very interesting array of flavors that are harmonious and intriguing, on a long spice driven finish.    

2006 Terra Andina Carmenere Reserva

terra_andina_carmBlack purple color. On the nose, youthful, medium+ intensity, plum, blueberry, blackberry, loaded with spices, wet earth, bell pepper, fresh tobacco, some oak, and some earth, but overtly new world. On the palate, dry, medium tannins, medium+ body, medium acidity, solid wine with nice balance, classic Carmenere, with a lot of depth for not that much dough.    

2006 In Situ Carmenere

Interesting story on this grape, like Malbec, a grape originally from Bordeaux,
and allowed in the blend there but seldom used. Truth is this grape looks a lot like Merlot but more foxy in aroma. More than half of what they thought were Merlot vines in Chile were Carmenere. My rep kept saying “stinky Chile”. My tasting note read: Hot woman horseback, bell peppers, mint, plums, and vanilla. Exotic nose, aroma of medium+ intensity. On the palate dry, medium intensity, juicy fruit, oak starts to dominate, good structure and presence. More people should try this one just to form an opinion about it.    

2006 Cono Sur Carmenere

The Winery is named for the conical shape of the southern tip of this continent.
Shit, this grape is a bit of a mystery. Grown mainly in Bordeaux. It wasn’t till a few years ago and DNA testing got involved, that everyone realized that most of what the French exported to Chile was not Merlot but Carmenere.
Most of what everyone thought was Merlot in the entire country of Chile, as infact Carmenere, a badass grape from This wine has some serious inkiness, dark berry fruit, graphite, and herbal grassy element, and pretty well integrate oak. Overall not that complex.
On the palate, this wine really made me understand why some wine just costs more than others.
Scott Jobe asked to see a wider variety at a lower cost piont. We’ll see what he thinks.
My problem is as the price goes down so does the quality.