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2004 Bodegas Pintia Tinto de Toro

I love vertical samplings, mainly you see what mother nature does and how winemakers try to adapt. The 04 was certainly more opulent on the nose, of medium intensity, hay fruit loops cereal, meat, smoke, cherry, tobacco, leather, some oak, and definite earth. On the palate, dry, monstrous tannin, med+ acidity, the fruit is bright enough that this wine wine last a long time. I would like to see what this wine is like in seven years.    

2003 Bogedgas Pintia Toro

The family that runs Vega Sicilia started this Toro project and has always been well received by both media and critics. Featuring the Tinto de Toro grape, one of many clones of Tempranillo. On the nose, youthful but muted, medium- intensity, wet earth, cherry, tobacco, spice, and hay, with some oak. On the palate, dry,…Continue Reading

2005 Numanthia Termes

This Tinto de Toro, otherwise known as Tempranillo was the groups favorite wine at the blind tasting yesterday. It was very new world for an old world wine, and this were it’s getting harder to blind taste, so many wineries are bending the lines. Black purple in color, high intensity, medium viscosity. On the nose,…Continue Reading