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2003 Bageiras Tinto Garrafeira

A rep gave this to Patrick to slip into the blind tasting yesterday, Baga from Portugal won’t be on any blind exam, but was really interesting and dare I say delicious. Thickest skins on the planet they say, and well known to be a massively strucured wine. The same rep, Fernando, who was in my ISG 1&2 class gave Patrick a Cremant de Alcase, which he didn’t pour, what the #%$#. I said the Baga was Tempranillo from the Ribera del Duero, so I was close, we not really, but I didn’t feel bad getting this one wrong.
Dark garnet in color, of medium+ intensity, with some rim variation. On the nose, aroma, med+ intensity, earthy basement, sweet cherries, tobacco, leather, some oak, but still pretty wound up. On the palate, dry, med+ intensity, same profile as nose, med+ tannin, med acidity, really long finish, and serious structure.
I am purchasing a few bottles of this because I think it will age very nicely, and I will be laughing when this $25 unknown red outperforms wines three times the price in a decade.