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2007 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges

baudry_chinon_les_granges Triage put on a tasting today with some really interesting wines, I was particularly fond of the Cabernet Franc’s from the Loire. On the nose, youthful, medium+ intensity, inky, blackberry, black currants, pencil lead, stem, veggies, immense spice box component, lots of earth, with judicious oak. On the palate, dry, medium+ intensity, medium+ tannin, cigar box vegetal spices shine through with some nice fruit to hold it in place. Above average finish on a medium bodies wine that will improve with bottle age. Interesting wine for the money.    

2005 Domaine Bernard Baudry Chinon Clos Guillot

baudy_chinon-closguillot On the nose, still youthful, medium+ intensity, dense with black fruit, amazing spice, black licorice, smoke, lots of earth, and moderate oak. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, cassis, black raspberry, incredible cigar box, perfume, vegetal and also creamy component. With medium tannin, medium acidity, and a big time complex finish, loaded with all the Cabernet Franc varietal characteristics that make Chinon Chinon, from perhaps the best year ever in this region.    

2006 Manoir de la Tete Bagatelle Saumur

bagatelle Revisiting this wine I had a few months back that was very varietally sound, if anyone was looking for something that nailed Loire Cabernet Franc. On the nose, youthful, medium+ intensity, cherry, blackberry, porcini mushroom, pencil shavings, cigar box, definite earth and vegetable, lingering spice, moderate oak. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, red currants, creamy raspberry, serious spices and vegetal component, medium tannin, medium acidity, medium- body, with a nice finish.    

2006 Le Haut Lieu Vouvray Sec Loire France

I definitely don’t taste enough Chenin Blanc, certainly not enough to nail a dry one in a blind tasting. I thought this was Chablis, mainly because my nose picked up crushed sea shells, and my brain was trying to prove that it in fact was Chablis. On the nose, youthful, medium intensity, very earth aroma, big time sea shell, some blue cheese, apple pear, lime, honeysuckle, lilac, certain minerality, with judicious oak if any. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, the apple and sea shell really shine, balanced wine, with the weight of a cooler region Chardonnay, and a nice clean finish. We should all try more Chenin Blanc.    

2004 Yanninck Amirault Bourgueil La Coudraye

Clear black purple in color, medium+ intensity. On the nose, aroma, and a very unique aroma at that. It wreaked of veggies, pencil shavings, perfume, stemmy notes, not oaky, very earthy in a pleasant way. On the palate, dry, med tannin, med acidity, currants, brussel sprouts, and loads of earth. This is one of those fascinating outside of the box wines that will entice you to buy more obscure wines you have never heard of, and put the Aussie plonk Shiraz back on the shelf.