1996 Chateau Mouton Rothschild Pauillac

Some really savvy guys came in tonight and were trying to impress a client from Cleveland I believe. He said he liked a lot of wines but his cellar was mainly Bordeaux and Rhone, serious player, is what my wine radar was saying. The host of this four top, took that info, needing no guidance, and went for the kill to close the deal. I thought it was a great selection not sure of scoring and what not, not cheap at $577, but in my opinion it’s far better to pay restaurant mark-up for rare wines that are costly, that you actually get a break on, because they are priced to move. On the nose, bouquet, med+ intensity, some funk right out of the bottle that blew off in a bit. Hard to distinguish what type of fruit, but dark berry and currants were present. Very earthy basement character that some people don’t care for, but I happen to love. I can’t forget the extraordinary perfumey quality that reminded me of my great grandmother’s sister’s closet. Very deep and complex nose. On the palate, massive intensity, depth, balance, and serious length on the finish. Still med+ tannin, med acidity, spice and cigarbox for minutes, from the tiny little taste I got. This wine made me contemplate many things in the brief moment in time that I got to experience it. 1. How can I as a sommelier come close to the understanding of these high profile, high price-tag wines without a fortune tospend to taste them? 2. How many of the people that can afford a wine of this caliber actually appreciate what’s in the glass, not just the label? 3. Why has wine this moving moved into an otherwise un-reachable price point for the people that enjoy it the most? Deep and thought provoking wine.    

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