2004 OS Winery Ulysses Sheridan Vineyard

This is a cool shot of Owen, wine-maker for OS winery, formerly Owen-Sullivan Winery, but they had to change their name because they got sued by someone with more money over the rights to the name. Regardless, this winery has been pumping out small batch hand crafted wines I call voluptuous and feminine in style. Ulysses, is their flagship wine, 45% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 22% Cabernet Franc, and sees the most oak aging of any of their wines, most of which is one time used from Twomey Winery in Sonoma. Owen loves the quality of the oak Twomey uses and the used oak doesn’t over-do the oaky flavors. On the nose, youthful, plum, cherry, cocoa, vegetal leafy component, spice, not earthy, but dense in flavor. On the palate, dry, medium intensity, blackberry, cherry, the fruit is real juicy, med- tannin, medium acidity, nice balance, and moderate starbucks mocha latte finish. Silky and sexy wine, with lots of depth. I don’t think this will last more that five years in the cellar, but not many of us have that kind of enthusiasm anyway. If you’re looking for some instant gratification, or trying to appeal to a lady’s palate, look no further.    

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